Month: June 2019

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Why CBD Works Better With THC… THC is TLC for your CBD The whole plant works better: The Entourage effect (synergy)…don’t forget terpenes 3 Studies: breast cancer, cancer pain, CBD inhibits THC paranoia, etc You don’t get high with microdosing You can find a wide range of THC to CBD ratios in a good dispensary  

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CBD Myths and Misconceptions From Project CBD: CBD is medical.  THC is recreational. THC is the bad cannabinoid CBD is most effective without THC Single molecules are superior to whole plant medicinals CBD is not psychoactive Psychoactivity is an adverse side effect CBD is sedating High doses work better than low doses CBD is fully legal in the U.S.…

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Cannabis for Lung Cancer? This is a 2018 article covering all of the current research both for using cannabis for chemo side effects but also for curing or preventing the lung cancer, itself.  

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