Why am I doing this?

Here I am living in beautiful Colorado where cannabis is legal, semi retired, beginning to suffer some of the trials of age( i.e. lingering arthritis pain and interrupted sleep), and unable to find helpful information, advice, and research with cannabis options for me! It is very aggravating…dispensaries look like warehouses with rugs on the floor, no chairs, sales people in their 30’s focused on recreational highs, and no face that looks like mine! Grandma sends her grandson in for CBD oil for pain and no one knows the impact on blood sugar, depression, dosage for the frail, etc. We are going to have to do this for ourselves because we are the ones who really need it!

What’s the point?

I will be curating and posting here any news, relevant research (there isn’t much, btw) and emerging information that might be helpful related to medical marijuana applications for our:

  • Physical needs —pain, seizures, sleep disturbance (Does it have to take 8 hrs to get 4 hrs sleep?); disease and palliative living
  • Emotional challenges—anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD)
  • Spiritual exploration—spiritual transformation, mindfulness, creativity, working with the unconscious

Who am I?

I am a business consultant with a background in psychology (MA in Clinical Psych), I’ve lived and worked in a variety of cultures and speak Spanish. I have been a participant in one of the original studies on psilocybin (mushrooms) and spiritual transformation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2001. My daughter suffered through a 2 1/2 year battle with glioblastoma (passing in Jan. ’18) that brought our family challenges of informed cannabis decisions and supply recently. My own mother ended up dependent upon fentanyl patches for severe pain at the end of her life and with few options; we don’t want opioids or addictions!  I am currently certified with Dr. Dustin Sulak for medical cannabis and receive monthly research updates.  It is never too late to learn but it is a big challenge to stay open and curious as we age.

My Values:

  • I believe that we have the right to life-long choices for our own bodies (from choosing to have children, to choice of medical treatments, to death with dignity.)
  • I believe that education, mutual support, and connection aids in learning, healthier living, and longevity.
  • I believe that we can empower ourselves to explore new solutions for living healthy, natural, and active lives.


Here you will find a blog with information and current research as I uncover it and a process to share information and ask questions. With no diagnoses or advocacy, we can share, ask, inform, search, and support each other, learning as we go!  I’ll be your personal scout to more informed solutions and decision making for yourself.