Comment: Allergy to Microtabs

Your blog will be so valuable!
My foot surgeon recommended the cream for my foot for pain after I made it clear that I did not want to take opioids or pain pills. They do nothing for nerve pain. I thought this was such a great, out of the box suggestion from a surgeon. I went to a store near my house. Whoa, marble floors, fancy, a room where you meet the owners and then step into a back room with a guard and the owners: 2 beautiful Israeli sisters and their Israeli father. Ok, so far so good. The good ended there.

They had one cream that they believed was the best so I purchased it. Then I purchased micro dose wafers upon their suggestion because I wanted the smallest dose possible of marijuana.
Excited to use the cream. Cream made my Nerve pain WORSE! Took one wafer which is a very small dose so it was too small to feel any high or nice effects, but my friend looked at me and said why are your cheeks, nose and forehead so red? I HAD A BAD ALLERGIC REACTION TO THE FILLER IN THE TABLET. Congestion in my nose and red face. Nothing serious but it felt like I had a cold with congestion for about an hour and then I was fine. Went back to talk to the girls and see if I could at least get my $65 back for the microtabs. They were very indifferent and said no and then talked to a bunch of young guys who came in for recreational marijuana. Overall BAD experience. $125 down the toilet and hopes for pain relief in my foot were dashed. Your blog is what we need! I had no guidance as to what to buy other than from the salespeople/owners/profit people. K, CA

Dede: Oh, Lordy! That IS bad but at least they got the environment right. I was about ready to buy ‘oreo cookies’ for sleep until I mentioned that I had Type 2 diabetes and he said “Oh, then you don’t buy these. They are not only sugary but THC makes your sugar spike. (Really? I still haven’t found any evidence of the THC/sugar thing.) I bought $150 cannabis tincture with .7% THC (for pain and sleep)…didn’t sleep for two nights, still had pain. Now I just put extra drops in my morning coffee and it might be working. But I’M ON IT!

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