Cannabinoids and Asthma: Is cannabis a bronchodilator?

Cannabis and asthma: How good are cannabinoids for bronchial spasms?

“In a 2014 study, researchers isolated bronchi samples from 88 participants, both from healthy subjects and asthma patients. They induced bronchial spasms by electrical stimulation, and then administered THC as well as some other, synthetic cannabinoids.

The research found that cannabinoids (THC to be precise) activated CB1 receptors, which stopped the spasms and dilated the organs. In layman terms, the most psychoactive substance in cannabis expanded the airways, making it easier for air to get into the lungs.

It was surprising to see that only THC and THC-V inhibited contractions; other cannabinoids, including CBD, did not. In fact, THC had a much stronger effect than THC-V, which actually blocked CB1 receptors inducing some negative effects.

Edibles may prove a safe and healthy way for asthmatics to enjoy cannabis.” [“The research outlined in this article is not a medical opinion and should not be treated as such. If interested in exploring cannabis as a treatment for a particular disease or illness, we recommend that you consult your doctor.”]

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