Cannabinoids & Your Vagina: the Science of Pleasure & Relief

Cannabinoids & Your Vagina: the Science of Pleasure & Relief

Quotes: Fortunately, increasing legalization of cannabis and hemp products is allowing women to reclaim the long-lost tradition of cannabinoid remedies — via extracts & topical preparations that are pure enough to be used gynecologically. And for women who’ve never enjoyed “smoking weed,” topical or gynecological cannabis comes with a major benefit  — it provides localized relief without the psychoactive buzz.

Archival medical texts from the 1800’s describe different cannabis formulations effective for:

  • Aphrodisiac uses
  • Painful menstrual cramps
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Painful urination
  • PMS
  • Pain during sex
  • Nausea during pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Gonorrhea
  • Post-partum hemorrhage
  • Difficult childbirth

The first time they try cannabinoid suppositories, many women are shocked at how effective they are. Cannabinoids address pain in two ways — not only do they desensitize pain-perceiving nerves, they also limit inflammation (which is often a major contributor to pain).  This powerful combination probably led to cannabis’ widespread use by our ancestors for treating pelvic pain.

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