Cannabis and Traumatic Brain Injury

This is a very comprehensive and informative article by Project CBD covering the always-changing information related to the protective and recovery applications of cannabis to stroke and concussive brain injuries.


A pathology as complex as a stroke or a traumatic brain injury can benefit from a multifaceted treatment regimen that encompasses a combination of healing modalities, including:

  • Whole plant cannabis oil. CBD-rich extracts with as much THC as a person is comfortable with.
  • Terpenes. Cannabis products and strains with beta-caryophyllene and terpinolene.
  • Diet. A high fat/low carbohydrate/low sugar diet with plenty of leafy greens, omega 3 oils (DHA, EPA), and fermented foods (probiotics).
  • Nutritional supplements and antioxidants. Magnesium, vitamin D, curcumin, glutathione – and melatonin to restore circadian rhythms and sleep.
  • Ancient therapies. Acupuncture, exercise, and caloric restriction (fasting), which increase endocannabinoid levels.
  • Modern therapies. Neurofeedback, low-level laser therapy (photobiomodulation), hyperbaric oxygen, traßnscranial direct current stimulation, flotation tank therapy, and hypothermia (cooling).

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