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Why Am I Here if I’m Not a User?

I’ll tell you why… because when I started to ask questions there were no answers, no one interested in helping me who looked like me (old), and not much research was going on either–and yet I felt energy moving, optimism, and opportunity when I turned my antennae in this direction.  So I decided to do…

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Dear Friends: Stay alert!

Dear friends, I think we have discovered a river of concern on this site (or in consulting terminology, a ‘felt need’).  Just since starting this website two months ago, I’ve been contacted by friends, friends of friends, and family members who are struggling with these health issues either for themselves or their partners or children.…

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Humorous and Useful Vocabulary

Appropriating Cannabis Terminology In reading “Cannabis and Spirituality” edited by Stephen Gray, I’ve come across some terms that I think can be useful in a more general context and sometimes liven up a conversation or at least cause an inner chuckle. How about these: couch lock–can’t move off of it, as in “Man, I’ve got…

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“I smoked pot once and …”

Several times recently I’ve heard friends say, “I smoked pot once and it did nothing for me” or “I was a zombie and not fun at all.”  But that instantly tells me that they have no idea what the cannabis industry has evolved into in recent years with all of the different strains and terpenes…

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The Way We Were: Propaganda Quotes

Modern Marijuana Magazine, 2018 Special Edition, p. 96 Marijuana, when mixed with hay, causes death to the horses that eat it.  NYT 1934 [*Amazing.  I never knew that horses who ate pot in their hay died!  [J M, Equine Veterinarian] Harry Anslinger, First head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1930 and for 32…

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Cannabinoids: Mother Nature Kissing Your Boo Boo

“Cannabinoids act to provide pain relieving functions in ecosystems, for every organism in the network, for the ecosystem itself.  Ecosystems (people, plants, animals) can be hurt.  Ecosystems feel pain, just as we do—just as everything that possesses a neural network does.  Functionality demands it.  Pain is a neural signal that damage has occurred in the…

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Organizational Resistance: Not In My Back Yard!

“Early evidence would suggest that access to both medical and adult use cannabis can have negative implications for alcohol sales. A 2017 study from the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University found that counties located in medical marijuana states saw a 13-percent reduction in total alcohol (12 percent for beer) sales in the first…

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Award Winning Terpenes

I have no understanding of terpenes at this point but terpenes are essential to healing properties and these photos and descriptions give you an idea of how far breeding and cultivating research has come in recent years:  

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