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Sous-vide Weed? Sous Weed® is dedicated to using cannabis as a superfood ingredient as opposed to merely a psychoactive additive. Cannabis is a versatile, nutrient-dense vegetable to be treated as a culinary challenge like any other. Many, if not most, of the recipes on Sous Weed pay homage to the native ingredients and flavors from Monica’s…

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Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson oil from Reddit 9/20/18 I’m sorry to hear that your mom has lymphoma, and that she’s dealing with a lot of pain. I’ve worked in a medical cannabis dispensary, and a big part of my job was to help seniors to find a helpful way to take cannabis. A 77 year old…

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Rules For Getting High–Reddit post Reddit post. Rules for Getting High. 🙂 (Humorous AND Practical) 9/29/18 Rules for getting high Do any of you have rules for getting high as a way of maximizing the experience and negating the drawbacks? About five months ago, my wife and I made some rules for us to get high and have found…

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