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New Australian Trial With Cannabis for Dementia

MGC Pharmaceuticals gets approval for its cannabis dementia drug trial The company’s medical cannabis product, CogniCann, was granted approval to carry out the Phase IIB trials by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. The product has been specifically developed for treating dementia as well as memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.  

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What is the THCV research?

This is the entire article on THCV from the site: The United States is seeing a dramatic increase in the popularity of marijuana used for relaxation and pain relief. One of the contributing reasons is the legalization of medical marijuana in 30 states and counting. Due to the increased production, education and availability of…

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Best Marijuana Research Winter 2018

Leafly’s Summary of the Best Research Studies Winter 2018 Studies at a glance: THC Boosts the Efficacy of a Traditional Neuropathic Pain Medication CBD Blocks Toxin’s Ability to Promote Schizophrenia-like Symptoms Cannabis Protects Against Alcohol’s Damaging Effects on the Stomach A Balanced Cannabis Approach May Treat Spasticity in ALS Cannabis Smoke Improves Working Memory…

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The Most Important Cannabis Studies of 2018

The Most Important Cannabis Studies of 2018 (Feeling rather disgusted by the rat studies, but here we are.) Safe Pain Relief:  By all accounts, those 65-and-over are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis consumers, but seniors still remain the largest voting block against legalization. In the study, over 900 elderly Israeli patients (75% of…

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Dear Friends: Stay alert!

Dear friends, I think we have discovered a river of concern on this site (or in consulting terminology, a ‘felt need’).  Just since starting this website two months ago, I’ve been contacted by friends, friends of friends, and family members who are struggling with these health issues either for themselves or their partners or children.…

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Cannabis and the Brain Exposure to a compound present in marijuana can improve memory in Alzheimer’s disease and even reduce some of its symptoms. More and more people are now using cannabis not only as a recreational drug but also medicinally, such as to help alleviate the pain and symptoms of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other long-term conditions.…

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Cannabis Impact on Memory Dr. Gary L. Wenk explained the contradiction in Psychology Today, “When we are young, stimulating the brain’s marijuana receptors interfere with making memories. However, later in life, the brain gradually displays increasing evidence of inflammation and a dramatic decline in the production of new neurons, called neurogenesis, that are important for making new memories.”…

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