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“I have worked with Dede for 19 years in coaching and team development work for my company. Everyone knows they are better off because of her authenticity, personal approach and work ethic–even our customers. A true expert and professional.” T. Turner

Dede is an active coach with over 25 years of experience in training and coaching for executive development in the U.S. and Latin America. She recently had a ‘cannabis awakening’ during her daughter’s suffering with glioblastoma and subsequent passing in 2018.  (Dede isn’t an advocate for cannabis use but for education and choice.) 

She has a Master’s in Psychology and a life-long interest in brain function, consciousness, spiritual transformation, and the psychology of the healthy adult.  She is certified in Organization Development, is a certified coach, coaching supervisor, and physician certified in medical cannabis.  

The majority of her G4G consulting practice is through the innovative use of video technology (Zoom.com) for focus groups, team coaching, senior executive leadership development, individual coaching, strategic planning meetings, large group meetings which also incorporate smaller breakout groups. This capacity facilitates international involvement or virtual teams without an expensive time and travel cost.

Professional Focus:

· Facilitating organization development, strategic planning, team development, and executive coaching for start-ups and their leaders.  This work can be particularly helpful for cannabis start-ups because of the rapid change and uncertain industry environment and tends to include many entrepreneurial leaders and forward-thinking investors who can have unique leadership styles.

· Identifying and preparing for future challenges and markets using research, innovation, systems thinking, and vision

· Ultimately facilitating the health, resilience, and productivity of the organization as well as the people in it.

Current Resume:

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***Take advantage of a FREE 30 MIN. PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL CALL to get acquainted and discuss your opportunities and challenges.  I’m confident you will find the process valuable.

Typical charges are by retainer:  i.e. $3,000 USD for 6 months coaching time (of 12 calls) is used more often as 3 individual leadership coaching contracts which can contain 4 calls over 6 months for 3 individuals but can be structured by yours and their needs;

Executive (C level) coaching retainer typically is determined by your needs and your project, by your budget, by your time available.  More inclusive individual assessment batteries and feedback in executive coaching projects might last 6 months to a year and include multiple layers of personal feedback. These are all negotiated individually.

Consulting rates TBD.  This might consist of a comprehensive on-site visit (typically 3-4 days) combined with a follow on 2-day retreat for strategic planning, skill development, business problem solving, or culture change.  In many cases, this is where an organization starts and as the strengths and opportunities become clear, and the feedback better understood, the inclusion of individual coaching processes becomes more powerful.  I’m happy to speak with you about how this might support you and your organization. (dede.osborn@gmail.com)

One of the primary goals is to create a coaching environment in the organization which gives everyone the skills to communicate openly, effectively, and to develop deeper conversations that build trust, minimize conflict, and improve productivity.

In process: The 501 (c)(3) certification allows your donations to G4G to be tax deductible.  [Note: payments for services are NOT tax deductible.]