COVID-19 Good News and Bad News

Summary of Good and Bad Coronavirus News 

New York Magazine, Eric Levitz


  1. Second time positive tests don’t seem to be infectious
  2. SARS recovered neutralized antibodies for years
  3. SARS immune seem immune to COVID-19
  4. First trial of vaccine triggered immune response and no side effects in n=8
  5. After long plateau, cases in US are declining
  6. Fatality projections by August cut (due to what)
  7. Masks seem to help a lot
  8. Dogs don’t need masks
  9. Infection and hospitalization has impact on your mental health
  10. Vit D may help your immune system


  1. Herd immunity way off
  2. COVID-19’s fatality rate 13 times higher than seasonal flu
  3. 6’ distancing might not be enough in some conditions
  4. Infected can contaminate before showing symptoms
  5. Unusually high rate kidney problems in NY hospitalized
  6. COVID appears to cause serious cardiovascular problems and remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine might make it worse
  7. Summer won’t save us (we have no immunity)
  8. Infected kids might spread as well as adults
  9. Drops in the air can last for up to 14 min.
  10. Smoking weed stopping infection greatly exaggerated (“This said, I am aware of small-scale human trials that indicate vaping bud may be an effective treatment for some pandemic-related ailments, such as cabin fever and “being only halfway through Tiger King and already bored.” Ha!)

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