Does Cannabis Affect Women Differently to Men?

Why cannabis affects women differently to men

Italian research: The Modulating Role of Sex and Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Hormones in Cannabinoid Sensitivity

This research concludes cannabis affects women differently to men. The reason behind the difference lines up with the activities of different hormones. This explains why men are four times more likely to try cannabis; and why women are more vulnerable.

** My question would be:  Does this hold true for women after menopause? And is it only relevant to THC or also to CBD? Also, what would be the effect of simultaneously being on hormone therapy (HRT)?

“Male sex steroids increase risk-taking behavior and suppress the brain’s reward system, which could explain why males are more likely to try drugs, including cannabis. This is true for both natural male sex steroids like testosterone and synthetic steroids like nandrolone.”

The research also reveals that women are more vulnerable. This is despite lower average cannabis use with females. The research indicates that women go from first hit to habit faster than men. It also stands that females are more vulnerable, due to neurochemical reactions, in developing addiction to cannabis more than men. This appears to be because idea that estradiol (the major female sex hormone) regulates the female response to cannabinoids.

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