Humorous and Useful Vocabulary

Appropriating Cannabis Terminology

In reading “Cannabis and Spirituality” edited by Stephen Gray, I’ve come across some terms that I think can be useful in a more general context and sometimes liven up a conversation or at least cause an inner chuckle. How about these:

couch lock–can’t move off of it, as in “Man, I’ve got a bad case of couch lock,” maybe something like ‘Saturdays with my in-laws gives me a major couch lock effect on Sundays!’

head traffic–racing or panicky thoughts, as in “sit still, avoid head traffic, and breathe,” we could say “I tend to get major head traffic at 3 AM”

to go solid–creating a story to explain a feeling/reaction, as in “work with the energy rather than going solid and creating a dramatic or problematic narrative”

legs–to have duration, as in “that strain has great legs” (lasting for hours?)

flipping–to change the impact, as in “Myrcene is the major ingredient responsible for flipping the normal energetic effect of THC into a couch lock effect”

stoned–to be relaxed and alert

well cooked–stoned, as in “we kept smoking until we were well cooked,” I can imagine saying something like, ‘we analyzed what happened so many times that we were pretty much well cooked’

For me, maybe I’d say that major head traffic at 3 am can flip me into a well-cooked couch lock the next day!

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