“I smoked pot once and …”

Several times recently I’ve heard friends say, “I smoked pot once and it did nothing for me” or “I was a zombie and not fun at all.”  But that instantly tells me that they have no idea what the cannabis industry has evolved into in recent years with all of the different strains and terpenes and multiple delivery systems.  The cultivation alone can be overwhelming to understand.  I find the site www.leafly.com to be very comprehensive, professional, and awesomely beautiful.  By all means, check it out!

For example, just for arthritis uses alone there are 50 different strains and hybrids listed, each with its own description (impact, smell, taste, photo), effects and attributes, ratings, genetics, growing hints, where to buy it, and personal anecdotal experience.  That is just for arthritis!  Then you have to consider what seems to work for people; smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, infusions, etc.  And finally there are individual differences in impact and chemistry.

‘I smoked pot once’… well I did, too, in the 70s when we were living in Mexico.  But it hurt my lungs to smoke it, I was also trying to quit cigarettes, and it was very risky to be caught using in that country in those years (btw, just this week the Mexican courts sided with plaintiffs to allow recreational pot use), so I’ve never really been tempted–even living in Boulder in the late 60s .  But the law and times have changed and my body has as well.

Educating ourselves and being open to natural solutions seems to me to be a worthwhile endeavor 🙂

A good overview of strains and uses can be found on their site at:


Strains for sleep:


May you be well this weekend…


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