Israeli Marijuana Research with 2,700 Elders for Pain

Medical Marijuana Is The Safer Option For Seniors

“A scientific study conducted earlier this year in Israel shows that cannabis is a very safe option for aging patients, especially to treat chronic pain, for which many seniors are prescribed opioid medications that cause dizziness, constipation and general apathy. Cannabis, on the other hand, loosens us up and can give a person of any age a sense of general well being.”

“The researchers studied over 2,700 patients aged 65 and up and gave them cannabis provided by Israel’s largest medical marijuana supplier. After six months, over 93 percent of 901 people with a level 8 out of 10 on the pain scale said their pain dropped to a 4. During that same 6 months, 60 percent of those who said their quality of life was bad or very bad changed their answers to good or very good.’

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