James email: New user protocol for back pain

James,  your email was bounced back, but here is the protocol I would use.

I don’t diagnose or proscribe but I can say that you were probably using the wrong strain 5 yrs ago (indica rather than more hybrid or sativa).  And yes, cannabis can cause the exact symptoms that you are using it for—odd little plant that it is.
Some suggestions:
Explore strains on leafy.com.  https://www.leafly.com/start-exploring
do you find a strain here that addresses pain but still keeps mood positive?
Is it a hybrid?  What kind of strain is it?
Check drugs.com for cannabis and Meloxicam interactions.  Bear in mind that it might up the potency of Meloxicam or even diminish it, but in a micro-dose,  it should have no interaction.
Download the leafly app.
Go to a dispensary (I like HiQ because it is all organic.) and ask for what they have that is freshest and check it on the app for what it does
Also, ask what others use for what you are describing.
Decide if you want to smoke, vape, tincture (more accurate dosing)
Then buy the smallest amount (putting together all of that info), and use the smallest amount for 3-4 days and watch your body, mood, and breath.  You want the smallest amount to impact pain but not have any negative side effects.  If you have any negative issues back down the dosage for a few days (You are looking for your best therapeutic dose).
Rather involved protocol but it isn’t an instant fix but rather an exploration for YOU.  No one else.
Let me know how this works out for you, James.

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