Organizational Resistance: Not In My Back Yard!

“Early evidence would suggest that access to both medical and adult use cannabis can have negative implications for alcohol sales. A 2017 study from the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University found that counties located in medical marijuana states saw a 13-percent reduction in total alcohol (12 percent for beer) sales in the first two years post-legalization.”

Is this a positive ripple effect? (Fewer alcoholics and DUIs on the road?) One friend insists that once the pharmaceutical companies can figure out a way to make money with pot, they will jump on board.  Right now the opioids are too profitable. (Maybe another positive effect–you don’t die from pot)  Coke also announced the possibility of infusing drinks with cannabis this week, hence the growing impression of a ‘wild and wooly’ marketing and investment environment. Although, all of these conversations are of interest to us culturally/socially and maybe blowing another bubble of investment opportunities,  our focus on this site is the very specific focus on medical use of marijuana with older populations; the intelligent and wise use of a natural substance to promote well-being, address pain, and make life generally more comfortable as we age and, hopefully, flourish in place.

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