Senior Housing News: Legal Policies for Senior Living

Senior Living Providers Develop Smarter Pot Policies as Legalization Continues

Suggestions for Senior Living Facilities’ Pot Policies:
“If they want to use marijuana, they can use edibles, they can use tinctures, they can use teas, they can cook with it. They just can’t smoke it,” Brigance said. “If somebody is smoking in their room and opens their door, that smoke gets into the hall. It’s about air quality.”
“We don’t obtain anything for them, we don’t store it and we don’t help them consume it,” Brigance said. “We want to make sure we have clear lines in the use of marijuana at the communities. This is the bottom line.”
Chateau has different policies for residents who reside in independent living, assisted living and memory care settings.“If they’re unable to administer or make decisions about administering it, we want to have that health care power of attorney be the one to determine if they’re going to use it, especially in memory care,” Brigance added.
“For example, extra care must be given to residents who are on medications that could interact with other substances. Similarly, staffers must closely monitor residents who imbibe and then use motorized mobility devices such as electric scooters and wheelchairs.”
“Allowing marijuana use also imperils facilities from getting federal or state funding such as Medicare or Medicaid dollars. Letting residents use marijuana on the premises could even cause some providers to run afoul of loan or lease covenants, or trigger litigation if an accident occurs.”

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