Interview: Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and Breast Cancer

I live in an area where there are many sources experienced with medical marijuana so when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer 5 yrs ago, I ultimately opted for a lumpectomy with no radiation and no chemo. When I told the doctor, I got an eye roll, but the nurse pulled me aside and mentioned turmeric and cider vinegar. I chose RSO instead.
Rick Simpson Oil was made by a fellow I knew and is very concentrated and cost about $100 a small jar. You put a rice sized piece under your tongue and then later swish with coconut oil. Gradually you increase the size as you tolerate more, but it is always very small and very powerful.
It is now 5 years survival and I feel great!

B, HI. (This is the mecca of geezers, Willie Nelson, Ram Dass and old stoners, surfers and growers…lots of anecdotal info here.)

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