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Rick Simpson oil from Reddit 9/20/18


I’m sorry to hear that your mom has lymphoma, and that she’s dealing with a lot of pain. I’ve worked in a medical cannabis dispensary, and a big part of my job was to help seniors to find a helpful way to take cannabis.

A 77 year old will have a very low tolerance to cannabis, and as a result both rick simpson oil and many edibles will be way too strong for her. You don’t want her to have a bad experience that will last for hours and hours.

We started out our patients on an alcohol based tincture. Because you feel the effects really quickly, it’s easy to figure out the dose that works best for your mom. Just put a drop or two into a small amount of water, have her drink it, wait 15-20 minutes to see how she feels, then give her a couple of drops more if she needs it. Once you figure out how many drops she needs for relief you’re golden. If you only have access to flower, tinctures are easy to make at home. There are recipes all over the internet; just make sure that you decarb the weed first to activate the THC. I agree with zonules; a high CBD tincture like a 50:50 CBD to THC works especially well for pain.

Seriously, be super careful with edibles, because it’s so easy to take too much. If she has a bad experience like that she’ll be too afraid to try anything weaker.

Buy or learn how to make RSO!! It is called Rick Simpson Oil, invented by Rick Simpson to cure his own cancer and that of many of his friends and family members. In dispensaries, you’ll find it as full-extract cannabis oil or full-spectrum cannabis oil. It’s really important that this product be a whole plant and full spectrum/broad cannabinoid extract, because the cannabinoids all work together to deliver the highest healing potential. Specifically, CBD, CBC, and CBG directly slow or stop the growth of tumors and cancer cells. Additionally, the natural lipids and other naturally-occurring nutrients from the plant provide healing benefits, and cancer patients need all the help they can get. Start off with a tiny speck of this oil. Seriously, squirt out a droplet about the size of a half grain of rice. This stuff is potent as hell, and often can be very relaxing, so if your mom is feeling adverse to getting high, she can start by taking it at night, about an hour before bedtime. Take it with food, I mix it with a spoonful of peanut butter to mask the taste and keep it from sticking to my mouth. If she doesn’t mind the flavor of cannabis she can eat the oil plain. After a few days or a week, start to up her dose, and get her up to a high dose as quickly as she can adjust to. Ideally she’ll be taking a gram of this oil a day, or as much as she can get into her system. The benefits build up in the system, but the psychoactive effects do not last. She may feel groggy, slow, or just ‘off’ in the morning, so remind her to be gentle with herself and not to get scared if she gets high. Just keep her in a comfortable place, make sure she has enough water and food, and is with people she’s comfortable around. She might be in enough pain that being high is better, and if she were taking prescription painkillers she would certainly be high, but in a way that doesn’t provide additional healing benefits.

Another thing cannabis helps with is dealing with the consequences of chemotherapy. Appetite loss, pain, inflammation, sleep loss, etc etc etc but all of those can be helped with cannabis! So even if she doesn’t rely on cannabis to beat cancer, it can still help her survive through the chemo.

Best of luck to you both, I hope she can find some relief.

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