Rules For Getting High–Reddit post

Reddit post. Rules for Getting High. 🙂

(Humorous AND Practical)


Rules for getting high

pastedGraphic.pngDo any of you have rules for getting high as a way of maximizing the experience and negating the drawbacks? About five months ago, my wife and I made some rules for us to get high and have found that we appreciate the experience much more and have less worry about whether we are smoking too much. Our rules are:

1). Straighten up the house before we smoke. For some reason I feel like the clutter effects my high.

2) No screens for 30 minutes after smoking. This helps us not just zone out immediately. Instead we will sit on the porch or put on a record and talk.

3) Make a fruit bowl before smoking. For me, the biggest drawback of smoking weed is the munchies. I can ruin an entire week of good diet and exercise with one night of smoking.

4). If I am getting high by myself, I try to put on headphones take the dog for a walk.

I am curious if other people have their own “rules” that help them.

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