Spiritual Effects of Marijuana


The Spiritual Effects of Marijuana:
Using Cannabis to Expand Consciousness and Enhance Meditation

Notes: “You may be wondering what that has to do with the spiritual effects of marijuana, the sacred herb, as an ally for awakening. When we use cannabis meditatively, with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both shine a light on the illusions we carry and invite us to release into a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence that feels right and real. As with other entheogenic medicines, cannabis is a condensed and heightened mindfulness and awareness meditation”

“Except in rare, extreme life circumstances, the realignment and rebalancing process that happens with spiritual cannabis use takes a long time as we gradually release old patterns and wounds and shift our trust and confidence from the self-protective narratives of the struggling ego to the harmonious flow of awakened heart wisdom.”

“Again, on this issue of handling degrees of potency, one way to explore cannabis spiritual effects more deeply is to find your sweet spot with a dosage strong enough to do some releasing and clarifying work but not so strong that you can’t stay relaxed and mostly free from the control of the compulsive, busy mind. A succinct way to corral that concept is this: At what dosage—read “strength of effect”—are you still able to ride your mind, to hold your seat? At what dosage can you still meditate on marijuana?”

“Some believe, and experience, that indica strains are more suited to cannabis meditation because of sativa’s tendency to stimulate ideation and indica’s tendency to be more of a relaxant.”

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