Survey of Typical Weed Smoker

Survey reveals characteristics of the typical weed smoker in 3 key states

Overall, the cannabis consuming population in the three states was found to mostly mirror the average U.S. population in terms of household income, political composition, race and ethnicity, yet skewed heavily male (60% male, 40% female). And while household income ranged from less than $25,000 to over $150,000 the majority of regular users fell at the lower end of the income spectrum, earning less than $50,000 per year.

“So, at least for our more infrequent consumers, more could be done to improve their retail experience,” the study’s authors said.

Cannabis use was also found to decrease alcohol consumption. The two biggest reasons given for cannabis consumption were to reduce, stress, anxiety and pain.

According to the Quinn study, most Cannabis users reported their family upbringing as middle income, with parents who were somewhat strict. About equal numbers of respondents described themselves as introverts versus extroverts. In their current jobs, 26% said they were salaried employees, 26% said they worked hourly, and 48% said neither description applied.

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