Cannabinoids: Mother Nature Kissing Your Boo Boo

“Cannabinoids act to provide pain relieving functions in ecosystems, for every organism in the network, for the ecosystem itself.  Ecosystems (people, plants, animals) can be hurt.  Ecosystems feel pain, just as we do—just as everything that possesses a neural network does.  Functionality demands it.  Pain is a neural signal that damage has occurred in the system.  Cannabinoids not only relieve pain, they stimulate neural net reformation that can help the system generate healing responses that were formerly unavailable to it.”  The important thing to note here is that every living organism produces its own cannabinoid response when it is injured including our own cells!  Is Mother Nature beautiful or what?!   [Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm; Stephen Harrod Buhner, p. 222]


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