What’s Your Marijuana Address?

After having multiple people (especially elders)  talk about ‘pot’ or ‘marijuana’ in very general terms, i.e. “I tried pot and I didn’t like it” it was clear to me that none of them had any idea what the complexity of the industry involves these days.  In fact, after that kind of statement I had no idea what they had ingested or how.  So here is how I think of what the experience with this plant looks like now:  What country you are living in, is like was it cannabis?  hemp?  Different plants, different impact, with different legal classification.  What state you are in, is more like was it Cannabis Sativa? or Cannabis Indica?  (Indica is more calming and relaxing, usually, and Sativa more stimulating). Your zip code is more the strain involved, i.e. Purple Kush, 9 lb Hammer, White Widow; which terpenes are involved, stronger THC, and differences in the cannabinoids present (all of the modern cultivation and hybridization yields more ‘strains’ every day).  Your address, then, is did you vape, smoke, use edible, wax, hashish, infusion, tincture?  And you, the individual, what was the personal impact, dose or micro-dose you used, where’d you feel best (i.e. expanded, balanced, intelligent, and connected to life) or worst (in couch lock with anxiety and paranoia.)

The variability between you and another person can manifest at any or all levels, actually, and I think that is why marijuana may be a gentler plant than other entheogens (i.e. ayahuasca, mushrooms, ergot, etc) but it is quirky and complex in it’s impact…so go low and go slow, as the conventional wisdom goes and be cautious recommending something to others.

1/25/18     Dede




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