Why Am I Here if I’m Not a User?

I’ll tell you why… because when I started to ask questions there were no answers, no one interested in helping me who looked like me (old), and not much research was going on either–and yet I felt energy moving, optimism, and opportunity when I turned my antennae in this direction.  So I decided to do the Girl Scout thing…when overwhelmed or in doubt, walk into a room, turn left and start there. (As my son-in-law teases, no left turn unstoned!). So here I am, in ‘the room’ and with the intention of sharing what I’m learning as I go.


Ancillary cannabis business consulting: working with companies but don’t touch the plant. (So you can claim tax deductions) Just hoping for something to happen here.

My interests: 1. What is the emerging research related to medical applications for seniors; 2. Psychopharmacology–what is the unique impact of pot on our brains, bodies, emotions, and spirit compared to mushrooms or LSD, etc; 3. How can we get cannabis businesses and researchers to pay more attention to our (elder’s) health needs?  

Please email me if you have any information or experience to share that could benefit us all.  dede@grass4geezers.com

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