Words Matter: Do we call it cannabis or marijuana?


Do we call it Cannabis or Marijuana?

“The cannabis plant renders in three ways: herb, hashish, and hash oil. Marijuana refers to the herb form — the dried flowers and leaves with which you roll a joint or pack a bowl. But the more experimental you get with your cannabis consumption, the more you stray from what technically qualifies as marijuana”…

“As editor-in-chief of Miss Grass, I’ve wondered how to tackle the racist history of cannabis. I sit on the privileged side of it all. As a white woman, the fact that I comfortably exist at the frontlines of this greenrush is not lost on me. Who am I to speak about this? And where to begin?

I can begin at the beginning. I can begin with the basics. I can read and ask questions and share what I’ve learned. I can be open to being told that I got it wrong and correct my mistakes. I can help to build the table and save the seats. I can embrace my civic duty to fight back against what I know to be untrue. I can stand up for the rights of those who have made this moment possible. I can shine a light on the real story, however ugly. And I can work toward a future that is both inclusive and honest.

And so can you.

If the goal is to take back the magic of this plant — and it is! — let us build this foundation of real material. And to do that, let us begin at the beginning: with the words we choose.”

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